Sweet Tooth Weed Strain


THC: 16%


Sweet Tooth Weed Strain

Sweet Tooth Weed Strain Online was awarded 1st place at the High Times Weed Cup in 2001, and as you could probably guess from the name. It has a sweet smell of flowers and berries that accompanies it. The potent colas of this balanced hybrid are candy-coated with trichomes, providing uplifted and euphoric. Effects that are great for combating stress and headaches. Bred by Barney’s Farm, Sweet Tooth’s genetics sprout from mixing landrace strains from Afghanistan, Hawaii, and Nepal.

Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. Much like its name implies, Sweet Tooth has a very sweet taste. Many attributes its delicious yet subtle berry and flowery tastes to the sugary crystals frosting the buds, Even the scent of Sweet Tooth is pleasant and flowery.

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While the strain is definitely Indica dominant, the dash of Sativa helps keep the user lucid when utilized in moderation. It is advisable to use Sweet Tooth at night time or on a lazy day with nothing planned, as it produces a powerful body stone. It probably won’t be a good choice before social festivities, but for introspective nights back home it can prove useful.
This strain can prove a very effective pain reliever, be it chronic or debilitating pain. Suffering from arthritis or general aching in the back, neck, or joints. So while it does provide a great, lazy stone that is effective in alleviating various pains, it is best to remember. It is, for this reason, it is also a successful remedy for insomnia, lulling the user into a relaxing sleep


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