Jamaican Gum Hash Online



Jamaican Gum Hash Online

Jamaican Gum Hash Online EU, This bubble gum has us bursting our bubbles every time we try it. A highly recommended Sativa strain that comes from Indiana, it has a few records under its belt while boasting a fairly good 15 – 20% THC content. This has produced a faint and curious sweet smell and a wonderfully happy and positive feeling and mentality.

This is a true finger hash, should be broken into small pieces not buffed
For decades Jamaica was known for exporting high-grade cannabis and hashes around the globe including a high-quality hash named Jamaican Red Gum. Many cannabis connoisseurs from countries such as Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands would all wonder how this creamy potent hash would have its distinctive bright red and orange color making it a novelty in the hash world.


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