Four Way Marijuana Strain


THC: 15% – 20%


Four-Way Marijuana Strain

Four-Way Marijuana Strain is a sticky genetic foursome of landrace genetics and Skunk #1. Created through the union of three Middle Eastern landrace strains (Afghani, Indian, and Pakistani) plus the addition of the classic Skunk #1, you best believe Four-Way produces an odor that could tip an elephant, much less fill the room it’s being consumed in.

Known for an average cannabinoid profile of between 15-20% THC and 2% CBD. Four-Way manages a creeping sedative bent that permeates the skin with warm, weighted sensations that guide you toward sleep. Four Way’s old-world terpene profile reeks of hashy spice, earth, pepper, and skunk.

As is often the case with predominantly indica strains. Four Way’s high can move slowly, taking as long as 10 or 15 minutes before it begins to manifest. Eventually, smokers may notice some head-focused sensations like an increase in salivation or a feeling of constriction around the temples. External stimuli may be prone to all kinds of sensory distortion, with consumers experiencing phenomena like a flattening of visual depth or a trippy sense of time dilation. Those who enjoy these effects can amplify them even further with some moody background music.

Within an hour, Four Way’s physical properties — subtle at first — become more and more prominent. A tingle that originates in the neck may start to trickle down through the spine and core, allowing consumers to breathe more deeply and easily and untying any knots of muscular tension. Those who are lucky enough to be taking at home may feel themselves start to melt into their immediate surroundings. At this point, Four Way is a great way to unwind, whether you’re engaging in a rambling, giddy conversation with friends, or just daydreaming at home alone.


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