Buy Strawberry Kush Vape Cartridge



Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric


Stress, Pain, Anxiety






Buy Strawberry Kush Vape Cartridge

Buy Strawberry Kush Vape Cartridge

Strawberry Kush Vape Refill uses BHO extraction so they are a stronger product. Also, instead of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, denatured terpenes are used with artificial flavors to make a really tasty product.

Pair with the South Coast Variable Battery for best results.

Strawberry Kush vape refill strain information:

A potent strain for novice consumers, it’s a sleepy strain that produces a calming heavy body sensation.

The experience starts with tingles immediately rushing up and down your face and head while your whole body relaxes and feels relief. It is a wonderfully pleasant body high. Feels soft because it’s not too intense but it does what it is supposed to do. Sit back and absorb! All users whether experienced or novice will enjoy this lady.


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