Buy Sour Diesel Distillate Syringe



Buy Sour Diesel Distillate Syringe

Buy Sour Diesel Distillate Syringe, Sour Diesel’s energized and positive high makes it easy to see why the strain enjoys popularity across the United States. It has spawned popular and flavorful strains like Sour Tsunami and Sour Jack and inspired strains like NYC Diesel, which imitates its unique taste. It’s as enjoyable in lively social situations as it is when used alone, and its combination of physical and mental effects makes it versatile enough to suit the user’s purpose.

Find the Sour Diesel flower here.

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Energetic

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue

The Process for Cannabis Oil with Strain Specific Effects:

Smoking oils are non-decarboxylated cannabis extracts. Smoking oils are most effective where immediate absorption is needed. Green Oil is a natural extract very high in chlorophyll. C

herry Oil is charcoal filtered to remove most chlorophyll.

Sour Diesel Distillate Syringe is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant material leaving us with a very tasty and effective distillate!


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