Buy Nano THC Canna Drops Online



Buy Nano THC Canna Drops Online

Buy Nano THC Canna Drops Online, Nano THC Canna Drops is a unique THC product that gives you a much better sense of how to self-medicate. Feel the effects of an edible tincture in as little as 10 minutes when applied under the tongue. That’s Fast! No other product like it.

Conveniently packaged in our small/discreet/easy to carry 10ml droppers, providing 100mg of of total THC per bottle

10mL bottle = 10 x 1mL doses

Trust us, you won’t need more than 1 dose.

If Buckley’s made a cannabis product, it would be this. Remember their slogans: “taste awful, but it works”, well we have something for you that fits into that same way of thinking.

Instead of masking the flavour of cannabis, it is the only flavour you’ll taste in this product. So if you are not brave enough to take the Nano Canna straight, fear not, as a little pineapple juice, or any strong edible essential oil can really help mask the flavour. Best to hold the Nano Canna under the tongue for up to a minute or two, to allow as much Nano THC to pass through the mucus membrane in the mouth and directly into the bloodstream.


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