Buy 8:1 Lullaby Vape Cartridge Cartridge


THC 60%


Buy 8:1 Lullaby Vape Cartridge Cartridge

As Dr. Tristan Watkins says “There are no strains, there are only terpenes.” With this in mind, LucidMood created a line of custom cannabis blends using only active cannabinoids and terpenes as ingredients, never fillers, to deliver an accurate and consistent effect each and every time.

LULLABY is designed specifically for the indica lover. Made with select terpenes to ensure you stay in a deep state of relaxation, without passing out unwillingly. As your evening progresses, LULLABY is a great way to ensure you drift into the closure of your night. A couple of puffs of this 8:1 will start the journey into relaxation ending in dreamland. Good for Moving Netflix from the living room to the bedroom TV An unfair advantage during your nightly meditation Midnight snacks Falling asleep with a pen in hand


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