Big Foot II Cannabis Oil Online



Big Foot II Cannabis Oil Online

Big Foot II Cannabis Oil Online 54.41% THC and <0.1% CBD, Big Foot II marijuana strain is our house blend of several strains our specialist mixed together because they didn’t have enough of each strain individually to do a separate extraction for the medical cannabis oil. It is very necessary to know that this batch of Big Foot cannabis was extracted using the popular Rick Simpson solvent extraction method which is why its darker than the CO2 extracted oils stated in the cannabis oil section of our website. Big Foot Cannabis Oil UK

The Marijuana strains are:

Hazy OG

Gorilla Glue


The three of these strains are Hybrids weed strains meaning they have both indica and sativa genetics naturally. You should know that hybrid cannabis strains give you a nice mix of feeling relaxed and mentally stimulated without either effect being too overbearing. Some of the effects reported from these marijuana strains are: Relaxed; Happy; Uplifted; Euphoric; Focused; Creative and Energetic.


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